UL Listed 4 Wire Sentek Smoke Detector SD119 For Fire Alarm System 433Mhz Smoke Detector RF-504

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UL Listed 4 Wire Sentek Smoke Detector SD119 For Fire Alarm System 433Mhz Smoke Detector RF-504
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Place Of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: E7WIN
Model Number: 433Mhz Smoke Detector RF-504
Condition: New
Power Supply: DC9V/6F22 Battery( Not Include Due To Shipping Limited)
Frequency: 433MHz
Work With: SONOFF RF Bridge
Transmitting Frequency: 433.92Mhz, EV1527
Product Name: Wireless RF433 Fire Prevention Sensor
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: E7WIN
Model Number: 433Mhz Smoke Detector RF-504
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Packaging Details: box
Product Description
Type: Smoke Detector
Model Number: 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector I
Powered supply: DC9V/6F22
Transmission frequency: 433.92, Transmitting Code 1527 Protocol
Launch distance: Open distance more than 200M, (external aerial 500 meters)
Quiescent Current: <1uA
Alarm current: <40mA
Alarm loudness: Loudness≥85dB
Ambient temperature: emperature -10 C +60C
name: Wireless Smoke Detector
Type: Smoke Detector
433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Protection Portable smoke detector wifi Home Safe Security smoke alarm Sensor white
Support three alarms: independent + acousto-optic + wireless transmission network alarm.
Full snap-in patented structure, simple installation, no need for debugging and wiring.
360 degrees smoke detection and alarm, no dead angle, reliable.
Built-in high-sensitivity sensing technology, reliable and safe.
Built-in 110 dB sound and light alarm reminder, effectively prompting people to evacuate.
Ultra-low-power microcontroller + photoelectric principle technology, long standby life battery use for 3 years.
Adopt high-performance photoelectric two-way scattering patented technology of two-receiving & one-transmitting, stable, reliable and accurate.
Low battery voltage alarm, when the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, a warning tone is issued to remind the user to replace the battery.
Rotary detachable top cover design to facilitate cleaning and battery replacement.
Powered supply: DC9V/6F22
Transmission frequency: 433.92, Transmitting Code 1527 Protocol
Launch distance: Open distance ≥200M, (external aerial 500 meters)
Quiescent Current: <1uA
Alarm current: <40mA
Alarm loudness: Loudness≥85dB
Low pressure alarm: When the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, a warning sound is issued to remind the user to change the battery
Ambient temperature: Temperature -10°C~+60°C
Environmental humidity: Relative humidity ≤95%RH(40±2°C)
Protection area: Alarm installation height ≥ 6m, protection area is 60 square meters
Certification: FCC/CE/ROHS/EN14604 standard certification
Material: plastic
Color: white
Item Size: 100*32mm
Package included:
1 x Wireless Smoke Detector(not include battery),
if you need battery,please make order here:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33013976680.html?storeId=4527019&productId=33013976680&productSubject=433MHz-Wireless-Wifi-Smoke-Detector-Fire-Protection-Portable-smoke-detectors-Home-Safe-Security-smoke-alarm-Sensor)
Attention:This Smoke Detector Should connect to the Alarm Main System If you want to use the App Alarm Function,and it can also work
one: Products simple description:

I.Foreword: CD50belongs to independent photoelectric smoke fire alarm, CD50W support alarm wireless transmission host, please check the model when the user purchase,

that can detect the smoke and alarm by sound and flash before the fire happens. It is built-in loud whistle, using the light top design principle and get the alarm light can be 360°visual. The housing is designed to complete rotary detachable buckle for easy to install and easy for maintenance as the dust-proof designed in appearance and easy to replace the batteries. It is adopted by self-adaption technology that can make dynamic compensation for the environment variation and the aging components to keep the detect sensitivity and extend the using time; it also can self-test in real time for the inner circuit for lasting working fine. It can be used at residences, internet bar, dance hall, coffee house, etc…


support three big alarm, independent sound and light alarmSupport two kinds of alarm methods, sound and flash & wireless transmission

wireless transmission network alarm (optional model CD50W)

360° all-round detection of smoke alarm, no dead ends, reliable

built-in high-sensitivity induction technology, reliable, safe

built-in 85dB sound and light alarm, effective reminder evacuation site;

ultra-low power microcontrollers + optoelectronic principles of technology, long standby battery life of 1 year

Full snap-fit patent structure of easy to install and no need commissioning

Elegantly designed, aesthetically pleasing appearance, dust-proof

Light top designed principle with alarm light 360°visual

Adopting self-adoption technology that can make dynamic compensation for environment variation and aging components to extend using time

Owning self-test function can test inner circuit real time to keep detector lasting working fine;

Adopting ultra-low power micro technology and photoelectric principle making standby time for long;

adopting high-performance photo of a collection of two bidirectional scattering patent technology, stable, reliable, accuracy;

Low battery alarm function, when the battery voltage lower than 6.8v, It will make warning tone out;

The housing is designed to full rotary detachable buckle of easy maintenance.

three.Technology Parameter

Power voltage

DC9V(6F22 battery)

Alarm Method

Standalone/ wireless transmission for options

Wireless transmission frequency

CD50 independent detection alarm, CD50W wireless transmission (support)

Wireless transmission distance

Open distance ≥150

Static current


Alarm Current


Sounder level


Low voltage Alarm


Wireless code rule

C50W (1527, can skip code)

Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Working area

60 square meters

Installation height


Smoke sensitivity

II grade

Products dimension

100x100 x 34mm

Packing box

Color neutral

Packing box dimension


four.How to use

Jump code setting

A. How to choose oscillating electrical resistance: to set the electrical resistance as 1.5M/3.3M/4.7M by slip stitch J2, to use difference slip stitch for relative electrical resistance

B. How to choose code: to set the A0 to A7 between host and alarm as address code as same with alarm host; set D0-D3 as date code for alarm area

Smoke sensitivity adjustment

A: If the sensitivity is not very good, with a Phillips screwdriver clockwise adjustment;

Install the battery DC9V(6F22 battery)

A. The installation is complete, To press the alarm button by testing alarm(TEST), LED light flash fast, if there is wireless, it will transmit a signal to host, also can test it by smoke (for sure working fine, you can test it weekly)

B. After installation, the Alarm should flash one time per 45 seconds, it will keep warning till air back to fresh when meet smoke,

Mark: Standalone Alarm no needs any setting

Installation Guides

installation steps

1.to drill two holes at the position of screw buckle

2.to put the expansion pipe into the hole

3.to put the base on the wall then nail the base by screw through the expansion pipe

4.to put the battery in and press the test button to test the device work or not (Remark: the passive and

negative of battery must be sure in correct position)

5.After the device be sure working fine, then aim buckle position of base and housing, and then twirl the housing by clockwise to the correct position to finish

Installation attention

No close to door, window, and beside fans as air around these them is under fast circulation that can influent the detecting sensitivity. For sure of working fine of detecting, you’d better clean it per six months, just need to take out of the battery, and brush it slightly by soft brush, then put the battery back to finish. It may make a wrong alarm as the non-normal temperature, just need to the around air circulation to stop the alarm noise, and the dust may makes wrong alarm, so it is necessary to keep clean as above instruction.

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